Our Terms for Collection and Claims Management

The resulting collection fees can be found in our table of fees, which can be viewed upon request. These costs are additionally charged to the debtor as damages caused by default. So you only bear these costs should your claims not be able to be fully realised by us. In this context, however, we would like to note that our success rate is over 75%. For the successful realisation of your claims, you will receive 100% of your main claim in addition to any default interest and dunning fees. In the event that the claim is titled in a legal collection proceeding and cannot be successfully collected, you are only responsible for arising cash expenditures (e.g., registration office fees, court costs, bailiff fees, etc.) in addition to the low collection fee. For the legal enforcement of your claim using a dunning and execution notice, you only pay DIF Inkasso a flat rate fee of €25 EUR plus postage and statutory value-added tax. Here you profit from a significant cost reduction through the legal enforcement of your claim in a legal collections proceeding.

All Services are legally based on our General Terms and Conditions. Please read the details HERE!

Cost calculation example:

Value up to Attorney fees DIF fees Savings
Example 1 900 € 97,50 € 25,00 € 72,50 €
Example 2 1.500 € 157,50 € 25,00 € 132,50 €
Example 3 2.500 € 241,50 € 25,00 € 216,50 €
Example 4 3.500 € 325,50 € 25,00 € 300,50 €

Should a legal collections proceeding prove unsuccessful, we will monitor your claims for the next three years for free.