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We view ourselves as a flexible company in the field of debt collection and debt management. All of our employees already possess many years of experience in the field of debt collection and management and naturally also possess the corresponding practical experience in addition to a sound relevant education. Constant and continuous internal and external advanced training and qualification measures are a matter of course for us and thereby guarantee up-to-date knowledge of personnel at the expert level.

Our Company philosophy is: You should not throw good money after bad.

Gabriele Zimmermann

Gabriele Zimmermann

Our managing director, Ms. Gabriele Zimmermann, has possessed a high level of expertise in the field since 1983, which is indispensable for the successful processing of collection mandates. She has been registered as a collections professional since 10.01.1991. At that time, the certificate of approval was granted to her by the President of the District Court of Hagen. Since January 2011, she has been working in the judicial district of Düsseldorf and has received the required certificate of approval in accordance with the German Legal Advice Act from 13.12.1935 from the President of the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf.

Moreover,  Ms. Zimmermann is active as an honorary judge at the criminal court of Düsseldorf